Queen Sister Jacqui Greco

I can still recall when she entered my world with the spirit of a young Black Panther, well versed in the Holy Qur’an and full of black pride!  Jacqui was an old soul trapped in a youthful body with a smile and laugh that could turn rain into sunshine.

As an adult I watched her work long hours as a Post Master while juggling the complexities of single motherhood. I had the privilege of being her oldest daughters first babysitter. Jacqui had a winning attitude in the midst of adversity. Witnessing her tenacious spirit gave me hope and confidence that anything was possible if you kept at it! This phenomenal woman started her own hair and body line called Kenkay Shea and was extremely successful at branding and marketing her product. She landed air time on popular news forums and carved out a name for herself. Today as owner of JRG Trucking she is shining brightly alongside her 3 brilliant daughters while serving up wisdom to empower the youth in our community to dream big and be accountable. Click link to listen as this Community Queen Sister speaks to the village. Truly she was built for the role of activist.


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