Monthly Archives: February 2016

Walk to End Lupus Now with DeVonshae Ali

Join DeVonshae Ali & The Ladies Society of Pearls N’ Pumps for this 2016 Walk to End Lupus Now! You know her name! You’ve heard her testimony! You have seen her fight & win! Come walk it out as this Queen & her squad step on lupus!

Sister Day 2016 #DeVonshae Ali

On February 20, 2016 The Ladies Society of Pearls N’ Pumps under the leadership of DeVonshae Ali celebrated Sister Day! The ladies gather at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Clayton, MO to participate in the Day of Dance sponsored by St. Lukes Hospital & The Spirit of Women.

In the late afternoon, activitites resumed at 2600 North 14th Street at Urbarts. The ladies learned about grant writing, purchasing commercial property & seeps towards female empowerment & leaving generational inheritance. The voice of change was Queen Shante Duncan, CEO of The Sherah Movement. Ladies learned african dance from Alicia Sunshine. It was a high spirited day filled with love, unity & sisterhood. Hat’s off to DeVonshae Ali for bringing women together throughout St. Louis, MO to draw strength from one another by building strong bonds of sisterhood!