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Walk to End Lupus 2016

My name is DeVonshae Ali. I am so excited to announce that I am a witness that giants do fall! When 1st diagnosed with lupus I felt my world crumble. Now after more than 14 years I have seen what faith can do!

Tonight I attended the kick off party hosted by the Heartland Chapter of the Lupus Foundation of America. I am ready to get my team gathered to walk with me in May. Stay tuned for details on how you can be a part!


Happy 2016! It is my goal to blog more this year…

I am currently reflecting on my journey as a person living with lupus and feeling extremely grateful for all the things God has allowed me to do inspite of my diagnosis. When 1st starting this journey I felt my life was over! However, I can truly say it was then that truly living began for me. Writing books, starting my own endeavors, being an advocate, spokesperson, blogger and public voice for the cause of lupus has been absolutely greater than I’d ever imagined!

Today I want to thank God for blessing me to be a radio host & most recently being casted as Ms. Ann in the full featured film #stlpdthemovie. Don’t let anyone tell you that lupus is the end. God has the final say!

DeVonshae Ali

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