I Give MYSELF Away!

We all have personal struggles and challenges that can at time consume us and make it hard to see how much others need us in their life. You may wonder who needs you…it only takes a little reflection on the problems that are affecting those around us.
People often ask me how I can give so much to others and the community while Im facing so many lupus related challenges. First, life is not about me but about HE who gave me life. God so loved HE was provoked to give…Giving from our deepest well of love, out of our own needs and unselfishly is what brings life to us! You live more fuller when you give YOURSELF away. Try forgetting about your problems and giving your time to a child in need, read a book to an elderly person, visit someone sick or simply take out time to ask a stranger their name!
Join me June 27th 7-9 p.m. at ReFresh 1710 S. Brentwood (across from whole food store) as I give myself away to foster/adoption children and those living with lupus! The more I give the more fully I live!

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