Hung up on lupus brain fog!

Often times people living with lupus suffer from cognition issues and memory challenges. My brain fog has made life difficult at times. I start to speak and the words come out wrong. I was out to dinner one evening and asked the waiter for tatter sauce instead of tarter sauce. I was on the phone with my best friend and my brain fog was so bad I had to keep making attempts to say a certain thing but it wasn’t coming out right. Yes, it can be a hard battle. At work, I feel dumb! I am working on my third degree but often I forget things if I fail to write them down. When people start talking fast, giving me multiple instructions I feel like I’m going to cry because as they are speaking my head feels like its under water.
So, its easy to get all hung up over lupus brain fog. Yet, I have managed to make A’s throughout grad school so far and to do a balancing act with all of my many endeavors that is worthy of applause. I have found that besides writing things down, I must break things into smaller chunks. Also, I have come to terms with delegating very important things to my children and trusting they can handle it without me. Lastly, without rest, brain fog gets worst. I am learning to make time to do absolutely nothing, just sit down and breathe or lie down with a cool compress over my eyes. It is okay to not get everything done at once. I have to remind myself that God has his own timing so there is no need for me to try to hurry things.


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