3 thoughts on “DeVonshae Person

  1. Hello DeVonsha my name is Sandra I’m also in the struggle of having SLE. My family and I participated in the WALK FOR LUPUS here in St.Louis. I couldn’t even begin to imagine all the people that had heen diagnose with lupus.I actually found out about lupus in 1987 . My eldest daughter was diagnose with it when she was eight years old. She passed the following year on her nineth birthday, due to complications of lupus. I was diagnose in 2003.Ive had some problems, and would never wish this on anyone.

    1. I was this years speaker at the walk and we were blessed with great weather and a very impressive turn out this year. If there is anything I can say to comfort you, it is that YOU were given THIS life because YOU are strong enough to live it! It’s not an easy life but through Gods amazing grace you can press through the storms. I’m sorry for your pain. I am very familiar with it. So many days its hard to find the positive but its there if we are intentional in our pursuit to find it. Often we must ask ourselves , “What’s going well?” Then start to search around us for the answer. Our spirits become lifted as we see that even with lupus we are blessed beyond measure! Prayers your way beautiful. Be encouraged!

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