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Hung up on lupus brain fog!

Often times people living with lupus suffer from cognition issues and memory challenges. My brain fog has made life difficult at times. I start to speak and the words come out wrong. I was out to dinner one evening and asked the waiter for tatter sauce instead of tarter sauce. I was on the phone with my best friend and my brain fog was so bad I had to keep making attempts to say a certain thing but it wasn’t coming out right. Yes, it can be a hard battle. At work, I feel dumb! I am working on my third degree but often I forget things if I fail to write them down. When people start talking fast, giving me multiple instructions I feel like I’m going to cry because as they are speaking my head feels like its under water.
So, its easy to get all hung up over lupus brain fog. Yet, I have managed to make A’s throughout grad school so far and to do a balancing act with all of my many endeavors that is worthy of applause. I have found that besides writing things down, I must break things into smaller chunks. Also, I have come to terms with delegating very important things to my children and trusting they can handle it without me. Lastly, without rest, brain fog gets worst. I am learning to make time to do absolutely nothing, just sit down and breathe or lie down with a cool compress over my eyes. It is okay to not get everything done at once. I have to remind myself that God has his own timing so there is no need for me to try to hurry things.

The Tears I Shed For Maya Angelou

The tears I shed for Maya are salty to the taste but filled with sweetness of nectar…pride of my African race.
The tears I shed for Maya, oceans covering the earth, as angelic host celebrate the purpose of her birth. A purpose fulfilled, a life well lived, a true example set…all done so phenomenally…my tears haven’t dried up yet.
The tears I shed for Maya are not just because of her death but because of the cards of life she played.. the real value of her wealth.
As the ancestors join in with me both praising and weeping the benefits of her contributions, I am directly reaping. Her poetic lyrics hug me tight. I relate to her warrior spirit…St. Louis taught us both to fight. I have a lupus cause to stand up for…so activist I am. Determined to make a difference…to use my voice as much as I can. My spiritual roots go deep in slavery and wrap around Egyptian legacy…like Maya I proclaim the beauty of being black you see…she was, so I am, for this I shout with glee…Maya Angelou today I weep for you because you thought ofdownload_20140528_164807 those coming behind you and one day you wept for me!

Lupus vs My Ambitions

My alumni sister Patricia Taylor, owner of Plads Photography, posted a picture on Facebook today that caught my attention. It has a simple quote dealing with the topic of ambition. I must confess that lupus often robs us of living our dreams on the level we so desire. However, its not impossible. I think I am a perfect example that you can still be ambitious inspite of serious health complications. I dream big! I live on my own terms! Lupus is not the boss of me! My heart goes out to my fellow luppies who have had to stop working. Yet, just because you are not employed doesn’t mean you are not contributing to the world on a spiritual, mental, emotional or creative level. Lupus could be the very thing that helped you to live your talent and follow your passions. Don’t believe the lies lupus tells you because with GOD all things are possible. I do more now with lupus than I did without it…it has made me more intentional in my pursuits to use my creative gifts! I’m not selling a fairytale or being unrealistic… It can be done! You may have to prioritize things differently and/or do one at a time but my goodness do it! Don’t let lupus kill your dreams or steal your ambitions from you! What is it you want? Go get your stuff!10390364_687484864641491_8917160021020120245_n

Survival is for the strong at heart!

I woke up this morning feeling achy. After staying up late working on my multiple projects it seemed useless to go to bed at 3 a.m. but taking a nap was necessary. The rain outside greeted me a few hours later when my alarm went off at 6:30 a.m. I knew it was the rain saying,” Good morning survivor!” because the stiffness in my joints and overall body pain was a sign that along with normal lupus fatigue, I also had to accept that the weather would work against me.
It would have been easy to lay in bed all day, but I willed myself up. Reminding myself that survival is for the strong at heart helped me to not waste a day of brand new mercies just having a pity party in my pj’s. As the day progressed I felt better. I enjoyed church. I had an interview with an online magazine owner and I proved that even when my body doesn’t want to get up and at it, I have the tenacious spirit necessary to fight through any how! If you plan to survive lupus…toughen up!IMG_20140525_074620


Dear Friends,

Welcome to Mocha Latte Lupus Blog. This site is dedicated to African American women living with lupus. Because statistics show that lupus occurs two to three times more frequently amongst our race. 90% of people with lupus are female. Therefore, Mocha (African Americans) Latte (lupus awareness teaching talking and encouraging) Lupus Blog has been creative to meet the needs of this population.

As an African American women living with this disease I can relate to the day to day issues you experience. We are in this together! I look forward to serving you!


DeVonshae Person